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Just Because Someone Carries It Well Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t Heavy.

(A Rumination of importance. Intimidation; pressure; authority, kindness, implications, sacrifice, and persuasion.)

Cruelty is a relentless occurrence, and still, throughout this year, of all years. I think it’s about time we addressed the society that we are in, the society that undermines mental health and then mourns suicide; the society that peaches kindness, but aligns their words with their actions when it’s too late; the society that overlooks the impact of kindness when someone is truly in need of it; and finally, the society that normalises speaking up, only when we are at breaking point.

We are impaired to see how heavy someone’s hidden suffering is, without a physical struggle to carry it, but there are people struggling with all that goes unnoticed.

If we pay our bills on time; if we dress accordingly to disguise our internal pain; if we go to work—and fake smile!; if we actively post on social media; if we carry only just the weight of the world on our shoulders and pretend as though it’s not chaining us to the ground when really, our performance deserves an Oscar, then nobody will suspect we’re really in need of their kindness or help.  Right? 

Well, not exactly… Signs of depression can be far more disguised these days, just by taking basic ordinary measures, such as: wearing extra make-up to cover the aesthetics of tiredness, drinking alcohol excessively whilst appearing to just surpass as an extrovert to numb an inner turmoil, even engaging in every day conversation and reassuring anyone who notices distinctive changes within our behaviour. By maintaining our everyday lives and acing our challenges, doesn’t mean that at bay, everything is under control.

And whilst these things all seem pretty normal, generally, “how are you?” doesn’t cut it anymore. Private people have mastered the art of telling you little about themselves in a way that makes it seem that you think you know a lot. They know how to open up about their relationship issues, or work-related problems, yet, these things are so trivial compared to the private life we know nothing about.  

We literally have no idea.

I think it’s a real shame that it costs the world, literally someone’s life, just for some people to understand the implications of wickedness and become aware of the importance of treating people with basic elements of human respect, too.

Rant over!


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