6 Months Challenge

So – last December, after a month of another Lockdown and defining my future by my bedroom walls, I seen a 6 Month Challenge on TikTok that I pounced on to self motivate and, I guess to keep my anguish at bay since I categorised myself as a failure then brainwashed myself into believing it (hahaha), and after so much isolation, too, and living amongst the echoes of my inner-critic combined with a semblance of fucking hopelessness, I come to realise (!!!) we don’t really need to know where we ought to be in 10 years time: especially when we might not even know where we are going to be tomorrow. I even suggested a 3 month challenge to hinder an overwhelming sense of overkill, but for me, 6 Months is a long-enough-but-short-enough amount of time to set – not goals – but direction.

A lot of things, due to the 3rd lockdown, were put on pause – that being the fun things like Marbella and Yungblud – but I still managed to book 2 more live shows, a girls hol, and fulfilled the weekend away to Liverpool & Chester (which was cool because I’d never been to Chester before, either), and loads of other things happened that weren’t on my list because, how the fuck was I – the most unorganised, impulsive, yes girl – supposed to know about them before they happened? I’m also pretty buzzing about the 7 week walking challenge, the uni course I’m enrolled on for Sept, and my invisalign appt! BIG DUBS.

I don’t know how the fuck it’s been 6 months… but it’s been 6 months. And because of subconscious evolution, often we don’t even need to try to figure the rest of our lives out by writing it down to have a rough idea of what we want to do over the next 6 months.

But here’s to the next 6 months…

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