About Me:

Welcome to llaurensworld! I write to articulate and process my thoughts into a voice as a coping strategy which thereafter flourishes into telling stories.

I believe in reforming a positive brain and projecting mindfulness to live a more open-minded life filled with self-love. My focus is to share my adolescent tales through hardships with people who do not want to live through theirs; to relate to people who feel misunderstood, or alone; to uplift or to guide those with no clear direction, – and to connect with you all! By doing this, it inspires me to take every adversity and project them into motivation to write for much bigger projects. So I hope this blog continues to help at least ONE other person!

I’m thrilled to write for the Thoughtcatalog, other platforms, and columns where I write about my cliché life!

Besides writing and blogging – I enjoy playing computer games, reading, excessively drinking, – I’m obsessed with going to the hairdressers – and binging reality TV!