6 Months Challenge

So – last December, after a month of another Lockdown and defining my future by my bedroom walls, I seen a 6 Month Challenge on TikTok that I pounced on to self motivate and, I guess to keep my anguish at bay since I categorised myself as a failure then brainwashed myself into believing it […]

Why To Never Expect Happiness From The Person Responsible For Our Sadness.

“You cannot heal a person who keeps using their pain as an excuse to hurt you.” – Classy Quotes Did you know that feelings suchlike rejection, abandonment, or heartache are like the modern-day equivalents to physical pain? That’s right – the brain recognises these emotions as ‘danger!’. At one time, in the Stone Age, when […]

Just Because Someone Carries It Well Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t Heavy.

(A Rumination of importance. Intimidation; pressure; authority, kindness, implications, sacrifice, and persuasion.) Cruelty is a relentless occurrence, and still, throughout this year, of all years. I think it’s about time we addressed the society that we are in, the society that undermines mental health and then mourns suicide; the society that peaches kindness, but aligns […]

Living in fear of covert abuse.

“Stay away from those who push you off the edge and then ask how you fell off ” – Fairies. Covert abuse is impossible to prove because it’s always extremely calculated. You can’t prove that they’re posting Facebook statuses about you because they’re indirect, but you know it intuitively. Manipulators use the most important things, or people in […]

Breaking up with an illusion.

“Are you attracted to who they actually are or just their potential?” @werenotreallystrangers We no longer measure the pain of a break-up by time. In my opinion, illusions are harder than actual relationships because you could only see what you wanted to see. Not all is lost. You have learnt not to ignore repeated behaviours; […]

Are bad people gaslighting you to believe you’re the bad person?

“Stop letting shitty people dictate how you feel about yourself. Stop letting people who have a long way to go with their personal development hinder your progression.” – Charlotte Freeman. And for a second, only a second, you thought you had gone mad… If you’re not careful, an encounter with a Gaslighter will convince you that you […]

Introducing Llaurensworld

Welcome to llaurensworld! I write to articulate and process my thoughts into a voice as a coping strategy which thereafter flourishes into telling stories. I believe in reforming a positive brain and projecting mindfulness to live a more open-minded life filled with self-love. My focus is to share my adolescent tales through hardships with people […]

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